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Trying a 90-minute Meditation(From Striving to Thriving - Part 1)

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

This is a record of my experience and realization after trying to meditate, or atleast creating the space for meditation to happen, for 90 minutes. I originally shot the footage for myself, but I think that a lot of people may be in a similar stage of their practice and might be able to take as much away from the experience as I have.

For the past few weeks I’ve back and forth on deciding whether or not to share this. On one hand, I wanted to share what I learned from this experience with my clients and community, on the other hand, I wanted to portray myself as an expert for the sake of my business. Not to mention, the focus and (needless) effort I put forth in an attempt to make this a “successful” experiment made it hard to swallow the resulting realization.

I’ve practiced and studied meditation for years, both within and outside of traditional hatha yoga. However, meditation is a practice that runs deep and becomes increasingly harder to grasp as a young person in our ever-expanding modern world.

The truth is, I do know lots about meditation, but I am far from an expert. For that will take decades of dedication and experience. I may know lots, but I have a long way until I can experience the depth of this amazing practice.

I hope that others can take something away from my experience and that your own practice, your own life, might feel a little more at ease, after reading and watching.

0:00 - Intro & Context

0:28 - Before, during, and after the meditation

3:10 - Reflecting on what happened

5:45 - A major realization

9:50 - The moral of the story

12:58 - Conclusion and what's next

Thanks for watching. Wishing you well,





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