Discover the 3 part holistic health system for Self-actualization.

Jared Foote

Personal Trainer
Yoga Teacher
Animal Movement Teacher
Mindfulness Teacher

It is my mission to be a catalyst for collective evolution by teaching movement, mindfulness, and sustainable lifestyle practices. I believe that the best path to Self-actualization is one we walk together and so I am in a constant search for those who choose to share their journeys, expand their practice, and evolve collectively.

Evolve with Jared & the Collective

Join the community that's forging their collective evolution and mastering the only tools ever needed to live to our full potential: the body & mind.


Evolution Coaching

Personal Training
& Lifestyle Coaching

Observe your body, mind, and lifestyle evolve as you progress through a custom-designed wellness program based on your goals and unique needs.

Virtual Workshops

Flow like Water,
Feel like a Beast

Discover a new perspective on physical training through a variety of different movement practices like yoga, calisthenics, animal flow, and more.

The Evolution Collective

On-Demand Training Library
& Private Community

Join the community that's forging their collective evolution and mastering the only tools ever needed to realize the true Self: the body & mind.


"Jared is, without a doubt one of the best and most experienced personal trainers I've met. He is always upbeat and very motivating. I was very impressed that he tailored a unique whole body program specifically to me and the areas in which I wanted to improve. It has been so rewarding to see how much progress I have made and to experience how much stronger I am now, both in mind and body. I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

Sky Brookwood

The 3 Part Holistic Health System



Movement Practices

Physical health is about more than building muscle, getting flexible, or burning fat. It’s about returning the body to a naturally balanced state. Misuse of technology, sedentary lifestyles, and a disconnect from nature has withered our bodies. We've also lost our child-like passion for play. We need to let the body move naturally, without the restriction of complex equipment and restrictive exercises. When we do so our joints begin to move fluidly again, we feel stronger, pain-free, and our intuitive physical/sensual awareness is restored. As the body becomes free, it connects deeper with the mind, and opens the doorway to higher states of well-being.


Mindfulness Practices

The breath is our primary source of energy, yet, we are rarely aware of it or consider its impact on our health. Every emotion, every form of stress, and every state of being is associated with a particular breathing pattern. When we gain control of the breath and flow with it we can master our physical and mental state. Breathwork and meditation are the keys to focusing the mind, overcoming stress, and understanding our emotional reactions. When this happens see can see beyond the ego and reflect on our life without emotional attachment. With practice and dedication, this comes with a deep sense of gratitude, underlying bliss, and a taste of the universal, collective Self.



Sustainable Lifestyle Practices

Change is inevitable, but its impact is determined by our lifestyle. It may bring decay, death, and entropy or it can bring growth, life, and evolution. Our habits and choices determine which we will experience. With a free body and a clear mind, we can understand ourselves, our choices, our habits, and the impact we have on the world around us. While personal health comes with great satisfaction, total liberation is granted to those who live sustainably and support the prosperity of all life. By reconnecting with nature, serving others, and choosing to live a socially and ecologically sustainable life we may find deep meaning and sustained happiness. Collective evolution is catalyzed by our Self-awareness, our relationship to others, and the deep underlying connection between all things; human, animal, and other.


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