Evolution Collective

On-Demand Training Library & Private Community

Join the community that's forging their collective evolution and mastering the only tools ever needed to live to our full potential: the body & mind. Members get access to our private online community and a library full of demonstrations, flows, and classes to support their evolutionary journeys.

What's included?

  • Access to our private Facebook group (The Evolution Collective)

  • Access to an on-demand library of 150 + exercise demos, flows, and classes​ (The Evolution Library)

  • Free booking for all Evolve with Jared virtual workshops

  • New exercise demos and/or flows added weekly

  • New classes added monthly

  • Complete training programs added every 3 months. Currently available programs include:​​

    • Handstand Training​

    • Middle & Side Splits Training

    • Bodyweight Beginners *Coming Soon*

Who We Are

We are a growing collective of movement, mindfulness, and sustainable lifestyle enthusiasts that support each other in our journeys to Self-actualization. Together, we learn new ways to move, breathe, and evolve by documenting and sharing our collective practice.

"...a fracture from turning my ankle during a run sidelined me. 6 months, setbacks, depression, back and neck pain, migraines, poor sleep...then... I signed up... Just so happens, you got me moving again. Breathing again. Opening up my body and living in it again."

Don Reynolds

Move. Breathe. Evolve. Anywhere, Anytime.


No-Equipment-Needed Strength & Mobility

Push Up Variations

Pull up Variations

Squat & Lunge Variations

Core Exercises​



Sequences & Flows​

Flexibility & Static Stretches

Breathwork & Pranayama

Primal Movement

Dynamic Mobility & Stability Work

Balance & Coordination Work

Flows & Sequences


Hand Balancing

Beginner to Advanced Techniques

Wall-Supported Handstand Drills

Freestanding Drills

Weights & Resistance Training

Barbell & Dumbell Exercises​

Resistance Band Exercises

Machine Exercises


& More!

Restorative Exercises

Foam Rolling

Guided Meditation *Coming Soon*


The Library - Unique Features

Search by Name or Labels

Use the search tool to look up specific exercise names and/or labels. Combine multiple for refined searches.

 Searchable Labels Include:

Training Style: Yoga, Animal Moves, Weights, etc.

Equipment Needed: None, Pull Up Bar, Bands, etc.

Movement Pattern: Push, Pull, Squat, etc.

Muscle Groups: Chest, Back, Legs, etc.

Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Pre-Filtered Exercise Categories

Use the dropdown menu to select from pre-filtered views based on exercise type or popular training splits.

Pre-Filtered Views Include:

Additional Training Styles: Hand Balancing, Breathwork/Restorative

Training Goals: Strength/Stability, Mobility/Flexibility

Movement Patterns: Push/Chest, Pull/Back, Twist/Core, Squat/Legs

Chat Support

Use the chat bubble in the bottom right on your screen to open a chatroom with me, Jared! Get personalized suggestions and support directly from the Evolution Library's creator and coach. I'll respond as soon as I can!

Mobile Friendly App

Use the Evolution Library on multiple devices and screen sizes. Just sign in to your account on evolvewithjared.com and you're ready to live strong and stress-free while on the go!

*Search function on mobile only works in the Full Library (Table view)



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