• Jared Foote

My Handstand Journey

💚 I came for the show, but I remain for the spirit.

Learning to balance on my hands is a skill that I set out to achieve largely for an ego boost. I can’t help but be proud. It’s taken 1000’s hours of work and years of training to get to where I am.

While I came for the show, I’ve realized there is a lot more than meets the eye. The ever-shifting play of movement and stillness, habit and awareness, inhale and exhale, push and pull, relaxation and strain, surrender and control, has taught me a lot about myself in body, mind, and spirit. There’s so much going on internally that is hard to imagine until you try for yourself.

Along the journey my meditation practice has deepened, my awareness has expanded, and I’ve found an indescribable joy in sharing the practice with others.

I created a compilation video of clips I've shot from 2016-2020 (today). It shares my top tips and lessons learned in the hopes that others will learn from my mistakes and make progress faster and more efficiently than I have.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you well,





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