• Jared Foote

Sat - Chit - Ananda

"Sat-Chit-Ananda" roughly translates to "Consciousness is Bliss". A mantra I often recite mentally when my awareness becomes lost in thought or tied up in ego.

That is what the sanskrit characters mean on my arm. It is a phase from the Upanishads; ancient texts outlining the practices of yoga. It is a reminder that all we need to feel real bliss is exactly here and now. To become fully enveloped in the present moment is to remove ourselves from thought and realize our unity with the world around us. When we are fully aware, it is easy to see that we don't just sense our environment, we ARE our environment. There are no separate things or events, only ever-changing patterns of the One, the Self, the Universe, God, the Brahma, whatever we choose to call it. The words don't matter or even come close to expressing it. Only the experience can reveal it.

This past year... I have spent a considerable amount of breaths sitting in the backyard of my childhood home. My mindfulness practice has consisted of some time focused on the movements of breathing, some time focused on listening to the wind, and some time reflecting on the environment around me by writing in a journal. I cherish these peaceful mornings. They have deepened my relationship with nature. I feel the oxygen in my lungs, the very same oxygen that has been exhaled by the trees. In return, we give back the carbon dioxide that they use to grow and thrive.

This is my message to you:

Let go of your efforts to be anything other than exactly what you are here and now.

Your very existence, without effort or strain, is supporting everything around you. By extension, "You" and the environment which you are inseparable from, needs nothing else to continue growing, changing, dying, and being reborn. We are feeding the trees just as they feed us. And this is only a tiny fraction of the intricate, interdepent relations shared by every "thing" and every "one". Existence itself is pure love.

But these are just words.


Breathe it in.

Feel it.

Experience it.

You ARE it.


Thanks for reading. Wishing you well,





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